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Mission Statement.

We strive to be a sustainable, compassionate and forward-thinking film production company. Committed to reducing our environmental production impacts, we care about people, what we make and how we make it.

We want to change minds with stories and be the best sustainable UK video production company in the UK. For over a decade we have chosen the focused route because a factory model isn’t sustainable for us. Our values lie at the core of who we are as a team and how we work: Sustainability, Compassion, Adaptability, Wellbeing, Selflessness and Collaboration are a priority.

Over the years we’ve cultivated a way of working that reflects these values and it has become one of the things that sets our team and our company apart. Our best work is made when everyone – clients, crew and ourselves – feels focused, happy and secure.

Our Culture.

We’re a modern, caring, forward-thinking team. We don’t believe in ideas developed alone. We thrive on the energy of collaboration where great work happens. People value our in-house team for their compassion and their ability to deliver high quality and impactful work, time and time again.

It’s no accident that people enjoy working with us. Our best work is made when everyone – clients, crew and ourselves – feels focused, happy and secure. Over the years, we’ve cultivated a way of working that reflects our values and it has quickly become one of the things that sets our team and our company apart. Here are a few of the decisions we’ve made as a company that allow us make great work:

  • Carbon Neutral. Amongst other things, our offices run on 100% renewable energy and we calculate all out commercial and broadcast carbon footprints. Sustainability is something we care about deeply and as keen learners our approach here is continually under review.
  • 4 Day Workweek Employer. Exceptional cases aside, our team works a 4 day week with pay equivalent to a 40 hour workweek. This healthy work/life balance allows for a happier team – and a happier team means a more creative and positive work environment. For us and for you.
  • Employee-Owned. Currently, four out of five of the team own shares in the business, so when you work with us, you get the decision makers. With skin in the game, we care about every detail and are committed to success – yours and ours.

Team & Reporting Structure.

Our supportive, relaxed and equal work culture places trust and responsibility in our team. We champion people who share our values, who think for themselves and take initiative like a company of one. If we see a problem, we tackle it. Everyone pulls their weight and helps perform a range of duties.

This culture as well as our size and skill, are what make us so strong. We have an intimate understanding of all production stages – and it’s a culture we’re proud of – but we also recognise the purpose of traditional reporting structures. Though we don’t implement a strict one, we do have specific roles and responsibilities within the company. Outlined below, these are based on traditional film industry roles, but also include additional roles such as Environmental Officer…

  • Toby Cameron: Shareholder, Founder/Company Director, Executive Producer.
  • Andrew Gough: Shareholder, Editor, Director.
  • Sam Jordan-Richardson: Shareholder, Director of Photography, Editor, Director.
  • Simon Pax McDowell: Shareholder, Producer, Environmental Officer.
  • Ren Faulkner: Employee, Shooter, Editor, Director.


Our policies are reviewed and updated on a scheduled basis to ensure they are in line with the most up to date legal requirements, and are reflective of our company values and culture.

  • Health & Safety
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Environmental Policy
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Employee Handbook (Code of Ethics, Bullying & Harassment, Reporting Structure, Resignation & Termination, Benefits, Reviews & Development).